alexandra hotel
“Searching” a series of 10 images

The Alexandra Hotel in Barcelona, a family business serving guests for more than 30 years and a hotel in the Curio Collection by Hilton, is known for its avant-garde spirit and its commitment to the city’s culture.

With the aim of intervening in their new rooms, as Philarthropic, we worked together with Alexandra Hotel to go one step further – searching for a purpose and a social cause through which the hotel could generate a social impact.


To use art in order to evoke collective family memories, through images of the Mediterranean – transforming the works into imaginary windows bringing the sea inside each room. The collection of photographs fulfills its aesthetic objectives, and also becomes the hotel’s social responsibility campaign to generate funds for an important cause.


Art Collection | The owners of the hotel wanted to share a more intimate side with their guests, approximating a collective family memory through a selection of images that seeks to evoke the memory of childhood summers spent on the Mediterranean. We’ve created a photography collection, sometimes underwater and sometimes of its surface, sometimes with lack of camera focus and overexposures. The works flood the rooms with nature and create a flashback effect, beginning a trip to different places and memories, and at the same time leaving the end of the story open to future interventions.

Cause-Marketing & PR | In order to fulfill its purpose and transform this project into the hotel’s social responsibility campaign, we linked the project with sessions of our art therapy program for vulnerable groups including the homeless, those suffering from disease, as well as prison inmates, through a program run by Obra Social Santa Lluïsa de Marillac, devoting most of the net profits to this cause. To magnify the impact of the project, we’ve also created a communications campaign through social networks, and we are promoting the sale of the works online through our website and through our sales partner KOYAC.


This campaign reflects a more intimate, familiar side of the hotel as well as its commitment to the local culture. At the same time, it integrates the avant-garde and cosmopolitan spirit of the Alexandra Hotel.

In addition, the works in the collection can be purchased at the hotel as part of an open edition, with 100% of the net profits generated by the sales allocated to the designated cause. In doing so, we invite guests to reflect, giving them the possibility to get involved. The opportunity invites them to be part of a worthy cause, while also bringing home a beautiful work of art.