Business + Social Impact

We focus our business solution efforts on creative and sustainable entities and assist those companies seeking a new kind of business model that balances purpose and profit.

Our collective experience includes sales, profit + purpose modeling, marketing, pr, business strategy, and business development.  We start with the basics – learning the foundation of your business – in order to understand how to effectively create a unique narrative, and, integrate technology, business processes, data, and/or metrics strategies to drive long-term change, build trust with your customers and employees and ultimately drive sales and growth. 

Business Solutions include

  • Profit + Purpose Approaches
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy 
  • Business Development
  • PR Services
  • Social Impact Direction
  • Sponsorships + Partnerships
  • Client and Donor development
  • Business Services for Artists 
  • Consultative Services

Profit + Purpose

Doing business this way can and should become the new normal.