David Vasquez

“The Community”

Medium | Original Watercolor
Size | 30″ x 30″ (1″ border); 34″ x 34″ framed, museum glass and mat

About “The Community” | On this piece, I wanted to capture a vision of the land nurturing the diversity in the Tri-Cities— people from all walks of life living in a community that is hopeful about the future. What can we do to improve our lives? The land is represented as a motherly figure nurturing and giving, caring and loving. As the Tri-Cities grows and changes, embracing culture and arts, we are living in a moment of transition that is a sort of renaissance, full of new ideas and new businesses thriving. I wanted to capture that feeling.

About David Vasquez | A self-taught surrealist artist, David immigrated from Mexico at a young age. He works with a variety of mediums that include Watercolor, Oils, Ink and Acrylics. His works are inspired by the human condition, from science to religion, metaphysics, war, peace, music, the evil and the divine, poetry, freedom and redemption. https://www.davidv35.com/

A portion of the proceeds to fund projects initiated by Tri-Cities Immigration Coalition, a non-partisan group, working to build trust and understanding of immigration issues through education and engagement, advocacy, and support services.

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