elite construction and development
tucannon project | new lobby

Elite Construction and Development, a commercial general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest built on a hard-earned reputation of customer satisfaction, and quality construction, is also known for their commitment to the community.

Trini Garibay, CEO of Elite Construction, has always been inspired by art and design and saw Elite’s latest development as an opportunity to take it one step further, teaming up with the FGCollective to combine art + design + social impact in a sophisticated and interactive way. Not only did the art + design prove to be top-notch but it also allowed him to support a local artist in the process and add more focus to the company’s already established community initiatives in a compelling and organic way.

“The same collaborative design process that creates stunning buildings and inspires our work can be used to create social change.” – Trini Garibay


SOCIAL IMPACT | In addition to Elite’s initial investment in the art and design for this project, guests have the opportunity to purchase any limited-edition piece within the lobby with 20% of the purchase price funding The Art Stop, a newly-created, Tri-Cities-based project, implemented by non-profit organization, Skatebuilder founder, Derek Starkey.  Art Stops are mobile and condensed art stations, complete with supplies and artist “hosts” that can be activated in multiple locations and accessible by many throughout Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Young people will have access to art supplies, instruction and can even display their art – free of charge….proving once again that “having the right tools matters”. 

ART | Ed Freeman’s “Western Reality”, digitally enhanced pictures of buildings across the western United States, is a way of seeing commonplace architecture with fresh eyes and discovering the charm, pathos and humor of easily-ignored structures.

ART | As a coveted local portrait photographer, Sunny Wright, showcases the vibrant personalities of human beings AND anchored objects.  In “A New View”, she found inspiration in Ed Freeman’s images and unleashed the “personality” of these often overlooked buildings – her “pop art” execution is gold and the perfect accessory to this installation.

DESIGN | We worked with FGC collaborator, interior designer, Jenna Rochon to create an inviting, sophisticated and casual communal space for guests of Elite Construction & Development’s newest project.  https://transitionstate.com/pages/about