“symphony of dead drtists”
by francine turk

About Francine Turk | Francine Turk breaks the rules of constraint. As owner and visionary behind Francine Turk Studio based in Chicago, Turk seamlessly combines thoughtful beauty and soft femininity with the dramatically raw and vulnerable nuances of life. Her artwork stems from a constant excavation of her truth and her belief that dark and light are meant to exist as one, to play off of each other and at times come from each other. For Turk, delicacy cannot exist without boldness, light without darkness, quiet without noise.

To Turk there is no separation of her art from herself. She is her work and her work is her. In its layered complexities and juxtapositions, she expresses this duality in one way through delicate marks of charcoal on paper and on the other hand through a fearlessly raw representation of what it means to be a rebel, a forger of one’s own path, to live on the dark side, to be a bad ass. Turk creates in remote studios throughout the United States and Europe. Her work is represented in galleries nation wide and in private collections across the globe.

This new series “Symphony of Dead Artists” is available now.


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