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As an established hotel chain, ACTA wanted to step outside the box with their latest project, Voraport in Barcelona, Spain.

Given their objectives, we worked closely with ACTA to use art to infuse the hotel with the true soul of Barcelona, give voice to their social impact goals and ultimately connect with their guests in a more intimate way.


To use art to highlight Barcelona’s true lifestyle by capturing beautiful scenes of the city’s people and places while giving voice to ACTA’s social impact goals.


Hotel Design | We worked with the architects to create an inviting space that gives budget-conscious clients a modern refuge across 300+ rooms and communal spaces in the heart of Barcelona’s tech-savvy neighborhood: el Poblenou. While the architects focused on the “bones”, we focused on the “heart” with art direction and interior design throughout the hotel.

Bespoke Art Collection | We created a custom photograph collection of unique places in and around Barcelona. The CEO’s vision was to capture the “everyday”, devoid of traditional tourist attractions, that would give face to the soul of the city. From early morning activity in Barceloneta to beautiful sunsets from the top of Tibidabo, this series depicts a “not normally seen but just as intriguing” Barcelona.

Cause-Marketing & PR | We also created a cause-marketing and give-back strategy around their art collection to further align their values with their marketing and PR efforts. Simply put, each piece of art is linked to a good cause somewhere in the world. For every purchase, we donate the majority of net revenues to designated charities. By showcasing ACTA’s commitment to social responsibility through their art collection too, their PR teams have a very unique story to share with the world and guests have a mechanism to participate in this commitment to giving.


In addition to ACTA’s initial investment in the art and design for individual rooms and common spaces, guests have the opportunity to purchase any limited-edition piece within the hotel along with smaller items like coffee table books and note cards that showcase the entire art collection. 100% of the net revenue of their purchase goes towards designated charities.

Through Voraport, ACTA will showcase how a sound and beautiful space valued by guests, can also continuously bring about positive change for communities around the world. This model allows them to do good business and do good for others simultaneously and on an on-going basis.

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