Santiago Garcés

exclusively featured as part of
the philarthropic collection

you were the unexpected when my life was ordinary – a.r. asher

We come from different backgrounds but are united in our need to fulfill a larger purpose. Philarthropic is our pact to continue to do what we love and serve the common good.

The Philarthropic Collection reflects the works of photographers, Veronica Escudero, Jordi Bernadó and Santiago Garcés – three incredible Barcelona-based artists that helped launch Philarthropic and continue to engage in art + social impact. 

The majority of profits of these images will raise funds for Philarthropic’s social initiatives in art therapy, art workshops, space interventions and social awareness.

About Santiago Garcés | Born in Mexico City, Santiago started working and experimenting with photography at age 18. Over the years, as a multidisciplinary photographer, producer, editor and collector, he has created the Grokphotography Collection of unique secret archives and never seen before vintage photography. As a partner, he graciously opened the doors of this massive vault to share with philarthropic and our clients.

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