Art + Social Impact

Every client has a unique story to tell and we assist in communicating that narrative through the power of art, creativity, and authenticity.  And, while doing what we love (and are really good at), we generate profits to reinvest into social impact initiatives.  

giving art a new value

Services Include

Art Acquisition

  • Art sourcing from established artists.
  • Creation of custom pieces and bespoke collections. 
  • A unique collection of limited-edition works, secret archives + exclusive capsule collections for sale.

Content Creation

  • Art + Interior Design
  • Space Intervention Concepts
  • Storytelling
  • Commissioned paintings, photography, and videos for project-specific goals.

Creative Solutions

  • Project Management
  • Event Concepts + Management
  • Creative Direction for custom projects with emerging artists

Art for Good.
Creative Solutions for Good.
Our New Normal.