stephanie severance
“atomic town u.s.a.”

This series touches on my hometown and folklore that surrounds it. I grew up fascinated by the bizarre circumstances that created my town and high school mascot “the bombers”.  Every local has their own story as to how they wound up in the middle of nowhere as part of this grand science experience – my own grandfather moved to Richland in the 40s with the army and worked at Camp Hanford.

The girl in the images is a symbol of my curiosity. I wanted to explore the history and the mystery.   She visits three sites – the nuclear reactor in the distance, an alphabet home, and an abandoned bomb shelter. Little did they know that this top secret government location, created to help with the efforts for World War II, would bear Atomic Town U.S.A.

ABOUT STEPHANIE SEVERANCE | Stephanie is a photographer and creative director, teetering on the edge of girly femininity and moody fashion for the curious and dreamy minds. Her style captures strong sexuality while blending in the grit of the environments that surround her.

She lives in LA and often travels to NYC for work. She grew up in Eastern Washington and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies from Washington State University. Both her rural upbringing and eye for design strongly influence her work.


25% of the purchase price of “ATOMIC TOWN U.S.A.” images will fund The Art Stops, a newly-created, Tri-Cities-based project, implemented by non-profit organization, Skatebuilder founder, Derek Starkey. Art Stops are mobile and condensable art stations, complete with supplies and artist “hosts” that can be activated in multiple locations and accessible by many throughout Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Young people will have access to art supplies, instruction and can even display their art – free of charge.


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