the fgcollective is a connector – we connect the dots between profit and purpose, art and social impact, creativity and commerce. As a social purpose corporation, we feel strongly that doing business this way should be the new normal.  

We are fueled by the power of a larger collective inclusive of artists, designers, digital gurus, curators, business execs, marketers and friends that come together to create unique projects with a direct benefit to others.

“Much gratitude to all those involved in utilizing art for good.”
– Grace Lieberman, principal, the fgcollective

Our History

It’s important to understand the origins of the fgcollective, as it’s based on a profit + purpose model that is already tested and successful. We originated as Philarthropic, founded in March, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain by Veronica Escudero and Grace Lieberman. We started with a mission of using art as the catalyst to unite profit and purpose.

Veronica, Mexican by birth and Barcelonian by choice, spent years as a photographer, marketer, strategist and designer in the architecture, urban planning and real-estate development industries. As a social entrepreneur and artist, she had the vision of continuing to do what she loved and serve the common good through art. Grace, an American temporarily living in Barcelona, established her career as an advertising & marketing executive for media giants like Discovery Networks, Viacom and NBC Universal. In an effort to focus on her love of art and creativity, she served as managing director for an artist studio with a focus on new business, partnerships and product launches ultimately partnering with Veronica to launch Philarthropic.

Together they brought their varied experience in art, design, sales, cause-marketing, business development and social impact to define the mission, structure and services of Philarthropic, thriving in Europe and, instrumental in the creation of the fgcollective, a social purpose corporation established upon Grace’s return to the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

“I have infinite appreciation for my time in Barcelona, Spain and thankful to be part of the founding team of Philarthropic, a fine art advisory committed to social action.” – Grace Lieberman, principal, the fgcollective

Grace Lieberman

Principal, the fgcollective
Co-founder, Philarthropic

Veronica Escudero

Founder and Creative Director, Philarthropic