ed freeman
“western realty”
featured as part of Elite Construction & Development’s newest development
Kennewick, WA


To combine art + design in the lobby of Elite Construction and Development’s latest project with their “Having The Right Tools Matters” community initiatives.


LOBBY DESIGN | We worked with FGC collaborator, interior designer, Jenna Rochon to create an inviting communal space for guests of Elite Construction & Development’s newest project in Tri-Cities, WA.  Art + Social Impact was at the heart of the design process and is evident in the thoughtful art pieces placed within the lobby.

BESPOKE ART COLLECTION | We brought in pieces from well-known photographer, Ed Freeman to deliver on CEO, Trini Garibays’s vision of creating a sophisticated yet casual entrance to their newest building.  Ed’s “Western Realty” series, focuses on discovering the charm, pathos, and humor of easily-ignored structures and fits incredibly well with the earthy tones of the interiors.

The CEO also wanted to uniquely capture the changing beauty of “everyday” life in the area while paying homage to its roots, so we challenged local photographer Sunny Wright to take inspiration from Ed’s pieces and create a unique photograph collection of often overlooked buildings in Tri-Cities, WA.  Her “pop art” execution is gold and the perfect accessory for this project.

SOCIAL IMPACT STRATEGY & PR | We created social impact and PR pegs around this art collection to further align Elite’s values with their marketing and PR strategy.  Simply put, each piece of art is linked to a give-back mechanism. For every purchase, we donate 25% of the purchase price to a newly-created, Tri-Cities, WA based project entitled The Art Stops, implemented by Skatebuilder founder, Derek Starkey.

By showcasing Elite’s commitment to their community through their art collection, they have a unique story to share and guests of this building have a mechanism to participate in this commitment to giving.


In addition to Elite’s initial investment in the art and design for this project, guests have the opportunity to purchase any limited-edition piece within the lobby with 25% of the purchase price funding The Art Stop, a newly-created, Tri-Cities-based project, implemented by non-profit organization, Skatebuilder founder, Derek Starkey.  Art Stops are mobile and condensed art stations, complete with supplies and artist “hosts” that can be activated in multiple locations and accessible by many throughout Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Young people will have access to art supplies, instruction and can even display their art – free of charge….proving once again that “having the rights tools matters”.

ABOUT ED FREEMAN | After a mid-life career change, an eclectic Ed Freeman now travels the world taking pictures. He creates commercial and fine art photographs that have been featured in hundreds of publications. https://www.edfreeman.com/pages/about-us

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