Francine Turk

Francine Turk

the paris salon
by francine turk

The Paris Salon Full Suite Includes:
Collection Noire | Collection de Couleurs | Collection Calssique
33 Images – 16” x 20”
limited edition, signed, & numbered archival prints in a three volume boxed set (.PDF)

This is my ode to the greats who lived and loved in Paris. Here’s to the poets, the painters, the writer, the musician and muse – each finding their way in the darkness. This collection speaks to the spirit of those who walked before me. Dark images ground the selections, inspired by the midnight meditations of Pére Lachaise Cemetery walks. A grave rubbing has its day, to remind us that in the end it is but dust. Hints of Parisian memoir buried here including Proust, Seurat, Wilde, Stein, Colette amidst the many. Bits of golden light that flicker along the Seine inspire glints of gold reflection. Lights flickering along the slick pavement in a glorious rainstorm transform the dark. History and mystery at each turn.Wandering spirits of the past ignited. Reframed. A modern day take on graffiti tagged memories. Playing with edges. Finding light together, along even the darkest path.

The window draws me in. A set of watercolors brings me closer to color than I have ever dreamed. Mom bought them for me. It was that day, and each day forward, she made me an artist. By giving in to the mysteries of creation, I have been drawn to 3 Quai Voltaire time and time again. It is here, in Sennelier, a decades old paint shop where I channel old masters. Artists like Picasso who developed pastel here, Degas his signature brown. Todays and tomorrows of those who have patronized this 130-year-old treasure come alive in each cubby and crevice. A walk through the hallowed halls and walls of Paris museums fi­lled with works of the original masters like Matisse and Lautrec. Flower shops bursting onto the streets. It all makes me yearn for color. This combination of prints is like a drawer of color come to life. Just across the Seine from the Louvre and back home again.

This collection, while romantic and feminine in soul and form, has a strong foundation in the woman as muse and mentor. Layered in the power of the feminine mystic, mystique and spirit–it honors the female artist on both sides of the canvas. I think of the women who have been painters, and also those who have been painted for centuries. This collection is an ode to women who not only inspire other women—but who are inspired to overcome obstacles and often to be their very own guide. Anchored by a beloved portrait of Frida Kahlo, who is a favorite female artist, not only for her work, but because she was her own muse. White nudes on black, notes from Hôtel Montmartre, little pieces of the Paris past made modern…. Works I created when I was there, channeling the spirit of the divine feminine. All who came before me. Walking and working among them and in their historic elegance and strength. Light and airy and ever the stronger when they work together.

I will always live in Paris in my mind. These curated selections from my body of work were put together to create my dream salon wall. I hope you enjoy each selection; a limited edition collection of numbered and signed prints on the finest European archival paper.

About Francine Turk | After years of demand and wait lists, prolific artist, Francine Turk, unveiled her first-ever limited-edition Parisian boxed set of fine art prints, released earlier this year with signature nudes, equine, florals and writing pieces. Each, hand-signed and numbered was a labor of love for Francine as she ensured that each piece was perfection.


For every boxed set purchased through the FGCollective, 200 trees are planted worldwide

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